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You’re ready to hit the open road this season . . . Is your Travel Trailer or Motorhome ready?

By April 13, 2021No Comments

So you’ve winterized and had your RV stored for the winter and you’re now ready to battle the Covid blues and hit the open road.  Is your RV in tiptop shape and ready to join you?  Invest some time before you head out because there’s nothing worse than being caught in the middle of nowhere and having a mechanical problem.  This is a lengthy but worthwhile list – if you’re not into doing it yourself – bring it in to Guarantee RV, we would be happy to help you get your travel-home ready for the season.

De-winterizing Checklist:

➡ Check the tires

🗸 Is it time to rotate the tires?  Is there good tire pressure? Do the tires have any cracks in them?  Are they starting to look a little bald?  Do the lug nuts need to be torqued?

➡ Inspect the exterior

🗸 If you stored your trailer outside over the winter, check for any water damage and pay particular attention to the roof.

➡ Charge and reinstall your batteries

🗸 When you check the batteries, it is important to ensure your RV is not connected to electricity or you will get a false reading.  Make sure all power is off.  A fully charged 12-volt RV battery will read about 13.5 volts.

🗸 Check to make sure battery connections are clean and tight, and that the terminals are not corroded.

🗸 Check the battery all over, including the bottom, to ensure there are no cracks.

🗸 Check battery fluid levels (use only distilled water if replacing fluid)

➡ Flush and sanitize your water system

🗸 If you used anti-freeze to winterize your trailer, you’ll want to clean that out.  Anti-freeze for your RV is a great way to winterize your unit to keep the pump and waterlines from freezing in below zero temperatures but without a proper flush, remnants can remain in the system.  They are non-toxic so don’t panic, but still, you don’t want to be ingesting chemicals.  Guarantee RV sells a product called Spring Fresh that will do this job very easily and safely for you – come and see our parts department.

🗸 It is extremely important that your water system (including the water heater) is full and working BEFORE plugging your RV in.  This will ensure you don’t have the electric mode for the water heater turned on.  A water tank with electricity applied could burn out the element.

➡ How’s your fridge?

🗸 Once you’re all plugged in, you can turn the fridge on to automatic.  This will allow it to go to electric mode and start cooling.

➡ Check the pipes for leaks

➡ Check the hose connections on the propane tanks and repair/replace as necessary

🗸 Check the manufacturing dates on the propane tank.  (The dates have a 10-year expiry.)

➡ Test all of your gas appliances

🗸 Once your propane tanks are reinstalled, open the gas line to your gas appliances and individually test each appliance.  Ensure the hot water heater is full of water before you test it.

➡ Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels

🗸 We recommend a wheel-bearing repack and brake inspection every 2 years or 20,000KM – at this same time, we also recommend a propane system leak test.

➡ Check the Engine (if you have a Motorhome)

🗸 Check all fluid levels (power steering, transmission, engine oil, brake fluid, engine coolant and windshield washer fluid.

➡ Check your Generator

🗸 Before starting, check the exhaust system for any damage and check the oil level.

🗸 If you don’t use your generator on a regular basis, we recommend starting it and running it for at least half an hour once a month.

➡ Change Water Filters (if expired)

➡ Open up your awning

🗸 Does it open properly?  Inspect for any damage.

➡ Check Windows and Roof Vents

🗸 Are there cracks or rock chips?  Are seals broken?

➡ Change the batteries in your smoke detector and in the carbon monoxide detector

🗸 Also check the expiry date of these units.  Some have a 5-year and some have a 10-year expiry.

➡ Check and restock your first aid kit; fire extinguisher and emergency supplies

🗸 Always keep a small tool kit in your storage that includes pliers, a hammer, screwdrivers, extra oil and coolant, hoses, batteries and leveling blocks.

By keeping your investment in tip-top shape, you will not only extend the life of your RV, but you may get a better trade-in value when you decide to upgrade.  Guarantee RV is always on the lookout for good condition, used RV’s or motorhomes.  Give us a call (403) 273-1000 if you wish to sell to us or consign.

Happy Travels.