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Who said RV trailers are just for camping . . . any Daytrippers out there?

By May 4, 2021No Comments

With provincial borders closed for non-essential travel and some campgrounds full on weekends, why not get the kids and your partner away from the computer, load up the RV and go on a daytrip.  There are so many beautiful daytrips from Calgary that we often take for granted.  We know they are there, we just never make the effort.  I know for myself, the only time I see sites around Calgary are when I have family come to town and I show them around.  I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never been to Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump but it is on my list (and after researching for this blog, I’ve now added a few more places to that list).  There are some great parks where you can turn the daytrip to include an educational portion of the site you are visiting.  I’ve named a few here – but if there’s a hidden gem that you’ve found – I’d love to hear about it – email it to .  Is it just you and your partner?  Do you men get accused of “not being romantic enough?”  What better way to say, “I love you”, promote togetherness and add a little romance than surprising your partner by loading up the trailer (without your partner knowing the secrets you have instore) and going on a daytrip with a special lunch pre-planned, prepared and waiting for them in the fridge.


Give everyone something to look forward to.

Maybe give each family member a personal invitation, inviting them to “a special family outing on [insert day] to [insert destination here]”.  Include a return card for their special lunch requests.  This gives everyone an opportunity to request an extra special meal that will be waiting just for them, on that day.  This can be everyone’s special ‘cheat-day’.


Do you have an arsenal of travel games to play in the car?

As I was preparing to write this blog, I googled ‘road trip games for families’.  It turns out there are some great suggestions out there and it can be as simple as bringing some paper and pens with you for keeping score.  Want to spend a little bit of money?  Melissa and Doug ( ) have some travel car games that you can purchase (some of these games will work just as well in airplanes, when the world opens up and gets back to flying again) .  Maybe you organize a little ‘road-trip-travel-suitcase’ that has all your road-trip games; paper; pens; etc. in one spot?  Is it just the two of you? Have you and your partner been together for a while and sometimes the road-trip conversations fall quiet?  What a great way to ‘create-a-date’.  There’s some great ideas to keep you amused on road trips and get you engaged in some fun conversations other than the day-to-day stresses and topics that seem to have a grip on a number of us these days.


Where to go?

We’ve all seen the commercial where someone throws a dart at a map and they get in a car and go.  Well, you don’t need darts to do that.  You can always write down the names of some locations, put them in a hat and pick out a destination that way.  Maybe you start the season with a number of locations that you want to accomplish this year and you keep picking from that hat until it’s empty?  Maybe you have a different list for your winter daytrips?  Here’s a few suggestions but a simple google search can drum up a whole bunch more . . .


What to do once you get there?

Who doesn’t love a scavengerhunt?  You can pre-plan this based on the site you are going to.



Does this sound like fun and you don’t have an RV yet?  FOMO  (Fear of missing out) no more!!!   Come on down to our lot and see which unit would meet your needs.  Maybe a daytrip like this becomes a bi-monthly or monthly family activity that you can build memories from.