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We Love our RV Techs . . .

By June 4, 2021No Comments

RV tech week is an annual celebration to bring recognition to the many, Canadian-wide men and women that work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your RV is in tip-top shape when you hit the road.  This year the event runs from June 1 – 8.


Canada created a “Red Seal Program” after the first National Conference on Apprenticeship in Trades and Industries, which was held in Ottawa in 1952.  The program was designed to set common standards to assess the skills of tradespeople across Canada.  Although it is a partnership between the Canadian government and the provinces and territories, it is the provinces and territories that are ultimately responsible for apprenticeship training and trade certification in their respective jurisdictions.  It is an industry that is heavily involved in developing national standards for each trade.  The program covers a variety of different trades from gasfitters, hairstylists, heavy duty technicians, landscape horticulturists, cooks, and of course Recreation Vehicle Service Technicians, just to name a few.


Tradespersons who successfully pass the Red Seal examination, receive endorsement on their provincial/territorial trade certificate which indicates that they have demonstrated the knowledge required for the national standards in that trade.  That tradesperson is then allowed to use the Red Seal Endorsement (RSE) acronym on their business cards (John Doe, RSE) much like an engineer uses John Doe, P.Eng.; or a dentist uses John Doe, DDS.  In the trade industry, achieving that trade certification is equivalent to a post-secondary degree that is furthered with a tremendous amount of knowledge, skills and experience that is gained on the job.


RV service technicians troubleshoot, repair and service everything in the RV except for anything chassis related on a motorized unit.  You can take comfort in knowing that all our technicians at Guarantee RV are certified and our apprentices are working towards their certification.  Next time you’re in getting your RV serviced, thank your tech – it’s because of their dedication to the craft, that will have you safely back on the road.