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These are a few of our favourite things . . .

By April 19, 2021No Comments

As we gear up for this year’s camping season, I thought it would be appropriate to ask some of our staff the things that they can’t live without, when they go camping.  Here are some of their responses . . . .





Wayne:    Must have a really comfortable chair.



(Writer’s note –  ♥ this chair is really, really comfortable ♥ )







Terry:   Always make sure you have an extra cooler.  Also, trial run everything before you go camping and make sure everything works.






Trevor:   We always camp near a river.  We’ll take our comfortable lawn chairs, put them in the water at the edge of the river, and set the cooler between us.  One day, before we started putting the cooler between us, we finished our drinks and I was tasked with going back to the trailer to grab another one.  I got the drinks and was walking back to the river when I saw my wife very frantically putting on her shoes and turning to run back towards me and the trailer.  I looked to see what she was running from and on the other side of the river getting ready to cross and head towards us, was mamma grizzly with her two cubs in tow.  We ran back to the trailer and watched them walk through our campsite.



Justin:   There’s nothing like a good steak cooked over the campfire.  It’s my all-time favorite . . . well that, and a cold beer!!  I bought the Firepit Grill that we sell and now, I would not leave home without it.  You drive the stake into the ground next to the fire, and then you adjust the grill that’s attached to the stake, to as high or as low to the fire as you want.  It’s brilliant!  The steaks are always cooked perfectly and have that awesome woody, campfire taste to them.  Sooo delicious.  I also love the folding picnic table.  It’s a great go-to if the campsite we’re at doesn’t have a picnic table.  It folds down small, so it’s really easy to travel with.






Brooke:   Always make sure you have a really good battery bank.  I traded my 12v battery for two 6v batteries.  With our inverter and a generator – we are set for anything.  We also don’t go anywhere without our portable propane fire pit.  Once when we were camping, there was a fire ban and we were the only ones who were able to have a fire because we had the propane pit.  That was a great camping trip because the party was at our campsite as everyone came over and enjoyed our fire.

P.S.  Come on down to our showroom and enter your name in to our draw to win one of these propane pits.





All of these items are for sale in our parts department.  Come on by and purchase items to be the envy of your campsite neighbors.  Party at your place!