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Making Memories . . .

By May 14, 2021No Comments

When I was 12 years old, my best friend invited me to go camping with her and her family in their brand new 1978 Winnebago Brave motorhome.  We went to Drumhellar and stayed at some campground next to the river for the weekend – I can’t even remember what campground it was.  I had never been camping before as my parents were quite older and not into that.  I am still friends with that same girlfriend and occasionally we still talk and laugh about that weekend.  We almost got bitten by a rattlesnake and on the Sunday as we were packing everything up to leave, her dog and another dog got into a tussle.  Funny the not-so-perfect things we remember – and isn’t there always something that makes camping weekends not quite perfect?  But what I remember most is simply how much fun I had.  There were 4 other families that joined us, they all had kids around the same age as my friend and I, and I remember coming home exhausted (much to the pleasure of my parents after having a quiet weekend without a 12-year old around).  We went exploring the hoodoos (hence the, almost getting bitten by the snake); we played in the river; we played tons of games throughout the day; and the campground had a swimming pool that we played in.  Dinner was some of the best burgers I’ve ever had (it’s funny how much better food tastes when you’re camping).  Then the fun carried on into the evening with the stories around the campfire; roasting marshmallows; singing songs and laughing.  I remember lots and lots of laughter.

Memories like this are quite easy to make for you, your family, and your children and I’m living proof that children don’t forget weekends like these.   The memories stay with you forever.

Times have come a long way since 1978 as well.  Who does the cooking when you go away?  How organized are you when you go away?  There is a wealth of information out there that with a little bit of pre-weekend preparation, you can have all your meals thoughtfully prepared in advance so that you’re spending less time preparing the meal at the time and have more time to join in your family’s fun.  Are you able to take a meal out of your trailer’s fridge/freezer and throw it straight on the campfire?  If not, I have attached a couple of links to two amazing websites that will make you the envy of your camping friends.

How about games?  I can’t remember the games we played at that time – some we probably made up ourselves as 12-year olds will, but as I look on the internet and see all the game suggestions, there are some fantastic ideas to get your family up and moving, that are sure to build some memorable moments with lots of laughter.  And seriously, couldn’t we all use a little more laughter in our life?


Do you want to start making memories?  There’s no time like the present.  We have an amazing supply of new and used trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes to suit all your needs.  Come out and see us.