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Zac Holway Sales Rep for Keystone RV gives an informative interview about practical features of the 2015 BULLET

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Added to the Guarantee RV inventory this year, is the 2015 Bullet Travel Trailer. An Interview with Zac Holway, Sales Rep for manufacturer Keystone RV, is conducted where he discusses the features for this brand new addition to the travel trailer inventory at Guarantee RV. Download the new 2015 Bullet brochure here.

What qualities and characteristics classify the Bullet as a new era in ultra-lite RVs?

We have used some innovative design features on the exterior as well as the interior of the Bullets to create an ultra-lite unit that gives you the amenities and the feel of a full size conventional travel trailer.

How does the Bullet differ from Keystone RV’s other products in the same category?

The Bullet gives you an enclosed underbelly, walkable roof, more cc of cargo capacity and better aerodynamics than other lightweights in its class.

Can you expand on this statement in the brochure, “Bullet’s careful attention to detail and thoughtful use of space result in the most livable ultra-lite on the market today.” How does the Bullet compare with other RVs on the market?

We have looked at what consumers are looking for and have made decisions based on customers’ needs. We are incorporating functional useable space in our trailers. Developing this strategy has made the Bullet a top 10 brand nationally.

Was more storage added in the 2015 Bullet and if so, what type of storage and where?

We have 40.3 cubic feet of pass through storage that is 10% more than our competitors. Premier now has full size pantries in multiple floorplans. We have 7 cubic fridges in Bullets and 8 in Premiers. The others have 6 cubic fridges.

Describe your Thermal Package and how this package surpasses the competition.

The Bullet has an enclosed underbelly, 2″ pipe off of the furnace with forced air into the underbelly, 30,000 BTU furnace, ducted heat compared to the competition which has exposed tanks, radiant heat only, 20,000-25,000 BTU furnace, non-ducted heat and A/C. We also use the Flex-Plex plumbing which has the ability to expand and contract due to temperatures.

How does your large radius dinette make good use of space with respect to seating?

We use this in some of the two person and smaller bunks to give seating options and a deeper wider slide out in smaller units.

Why is the Bullet considered the best towing travel trailer in the industry?

Wide Track stance was introduced in the Bullet over 6 years ago. Now multiple brands are trying to use our technology. It Creates a lower center of gravity and eliminates the porpoising and swaying of the trailer.

What advantage does the 43″ wide stance axles have in the Bullet?

See above.

Describe how the rear departure angle increases efficiency.

It’s similar to the technology used on planes as it eliminates wind resistance and overall drag.

What are the benefits of the Bullet’s lightweight floorplans compared to other travel trailers? What material is it made of that creates the lightweight quality?

We use aluminum framed construction and block foam insulation. We laminate the side walls and floors. People want trailers that are lightweight and will not over exert their tow vehicles, plus they get better fuel economy.

Regarding your customers who have bought the Bullet, what are the most popular floorplans and why?

Our 272BHSWE Bullet bunkhouse is really popular with the over sized bunks.

Describe how the radius front design reduces wind resistance when traveling down the road which may improve fuel efficiency.

Less front end friction on the trailer as it is towed.

What new features in the 2015 Bullet model do you think will have the most overwhelming positive response from consumers?

Brand new interiors in the Premiers this year as well as exteriors.

Have customers made suggestions that you have incorporated into the 2015 Bullet?

Our 247BHSWE Bullet is because customers wanted a shorter bunk model with over sized bunks. The new 220RBIWE is a Bullet floorplan with an island kitchen.

How popular is the outdoor kitchen and have there been any additions or improvements since 2014?

New counters on the Premiers as well as height in kitchen and compartment doors.

Can solar panels be installed on the roof if customers desire? Are there other energy saving measures added in the manufacturing of the 2015 Bullet?

We would have those options done on the dealer level.