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We need your trades & we’re having a BBQ!

June is Trade-in Bonus Month!

We’re critically low on used inventory, so for the month of June we’re authorizing an exclusive bonus on any trade-in! It doesn’t matter what vehicle you’re trading in – we will pay $1000 more than normal during June. Did we mention we’ll take nearly any vehicle on trade? If it’s on wheels, trade it to us during the month of June to take advantage of this limited time offer.


Midsummer BBQ Dreams?

It is better to have burnt and lost, then never to have barbecued at all.-William Shakespeare

Okay, okay – Shakespeare probably never said that. But if he was around in the time of the RV he might have, which is why rain or shine we’ll be holding a BBQ this weekend. So join us on June 3rd & 4th for hot dogs, we’ll bring the food!

~11am to ~2pm June 3/4