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Part 1: “Towing Behind Your Motorhome”

By July 29, 2011February 7th, 2021No Comments

I Tow’d You So…

Picture this: you’ve just arrived at your destination, its early evening, and your significant other is telling you it’s time to get something to eat that isn’t available at a gas station. You just got your rig set up and there’s really no way you want to drive 42ft of luxury into an overcrowded urban center. ‘So what is the solution’, you may find yourself asking? The solution is… a Toad.

No, not the kind you used to scare your sister with when you were kids. A Toad, when it comes to RVs, refers to an automobile that is ‘towed’ behind a motorhome. Where do you start in this exciting journey to find the perfect tow car, truck, or SUV? Can you tow just any old thing behind your brand new Class A? Can you tow behind Class B’s/C’s? These are the kind of questions and many others I hope to answer in this introduction to ‘towing behind your RV’.

I’d like to start by listing what vehicles can be towed behind an RV, but this I’m afraid, is a task that can’t be taken lightly. From model year to model year, changes are made (sometimes inside of the model year) that affect the tow-ability of a vehicle drastically. If you have a vehicle now and would like to find out if you can tow it, the best answer you can find (sorry google) is going to be by calling the appropriate dealer and telling them the VIN. They will be able to pull up specific information and bulletins pertaining to your exact model. If you don’t currently have a vehicle you would like to tow and are looking, why not go used? There is a massive community of people doing exactly what you’re looking to do, and as an added bonus often previously used tow vehicles come with tow equipment.

(As an important side-note be sure to know the towing capacities of your RV before attempting to tow a vehicle or anything else with it)

There are 3 main schools of thought when it comes to tow equipment, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. To continue down the exciting road that is ‘towing behind your RV’, tune in next week for Part 2. Until then, Happy Camping.