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Top 20 Campsites in Southern Alberta – As Ranked by Google Reviews

By April 8, 2012February 7th, 2021No Comments

Top 20 Campsites in Southern Alberta

(Ranked by Google Reviews as of April/19. 4 Stars & 40 reviews minimum)

Exploring. New Adventures. Trying new things, and staying in different places. It’s all part of the RV lifestyle.

The more experienced RV’ers reading this probably have a few favorite spots they like to return too each year. They know what to expect from their favorite campgrounds, and look forward to creating new memories when booking the next stay. For the new campers, it might be best to ask your family and friends if they could recommend a good spot for you to camp. (some place best suited to your wants and needs, and they probably know you best.)

Of course, there’s always the option of turning to the internet and doing a good old Google search. You can have a look around at what other people are recommending, as well as see pictures of the different sites and amenities.

So….., we’ve done a little research for you!

We have put together a downloadable listing of the Top 20 Campgrounds in Southern Alberta as ranked by Google Reviews. (this makes it handy to keep on your tablet or cell phone as well.) The list is as of April 2019, and for the purpose of this article we chose a minimum 4 Stars & 40+ reviews to make the list.

This doesn’t mean less reviews or less than 4 stars would be a sign to stay away. This is just a starting place for you if you’re looking around for a new place to have an adventure. Finding the right place or places to camp is a very individual process. It really depends on what kind of things you’re looking for in a get-a-way spot. Some people like a campground to be very natural and rustic, while others want the internet service to be good enough for streaming Netflix. No judgement here.

So, see if your favorite places are on the list! And if not, please share the ones you would recommend with our community in the Facebook Post comments section Here

Note: Most of the campsites on this list have power available on sites, though some do not. All of them mentioned Pets where ok, though you will want to check if they charge additional fees, or have any restrictions. (leash / areas etc.)

The Top 20 according to Google Reviews are below, and the Link to Download this List in PDF format for your computer, tablet or cell phone is Here. (Once downloaded, you can easily email a copy to family & friends as well.)

Top 20 Campgrounds in Southern Alberta:

1)            Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

4.7 Stars / 317 Reviews

2)            Dinosaur Provincial Park

4.7 Stars / 665 Reviews

3)            Bow Valley Provincial Park

4.7 Stars / 1087 Reviews

4)            Beauvais Lake Provincial Park

4.5 Stars / 123 Reviews

5)            Sundance Lodges

4.5 Stars / 95 Reviews

6)            Lee Creek Campground

4.4 Stars / 43 Reviews

7)            Tunnel Mountain Village Campground

4.4 Stars / 524 Reviews

8)            Lundbreck Falls Provincial Recreation Area

4.3 Stars / 50 Reviews

9)            Rolling Hills Campground

4.3 Stars / 68 Reviews

10)          Little Bow Provincial Park

4.3 Stars / 171 Reviews

11)          Chain Lakes Provincial Park

4.3 Stars / 191 Reviews

12)          McLean Creek Campground

4.3 Stars / 63 Reviews

13)          Little Elbow Campground

4.3 Stars / 50 Reviews

14)          Paddy’s Flat

4.2 Stars / 83 Reviews

15)          Crawling Valley Campground

4.2 Stars / 69 Reviews

16)          Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park

4.2 Stars / 167 Reviews

17)          Two Jack Main Campground

4.2 Stars / 111 Reviews

18)          Park Lake Provincial Park

4.1 Stars / 90 reviews

19)          Gooseberry Campground

4.1 Stars / 90 Reviews

20)          Tall Timber Leisure Park

4.0 Stars / 67 Reviews

Remember, if you have a favorite spot that isn’t on the list above; but you would recommend it to others; please share with the community Here.

Special Thanks to all that do! And All the best to everyone this camping Season!

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