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Radium Hot Springs is three kilometres east from the intersection of Highways 93 and 95 in the Village of Radium Hot Springs. From Calgary, it’s approximately 260 km west of Calgary and 3 km northeast of the Village of Radium Hot springs. (GPS: 50.63457, -116.03972 decimal degrees Or N 50° 38′ 4.45″, W 116° 2′ 22.99″)

From Calgary or the Town of Banff, take the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) to Castle Junction in Banff National Park. At Castle Junction, take Highway 93 to Kootenay National Park and the Radium Hot Springs.

For more information on the hours of operation, fees, how to get there, history, and contact, click on this link at the Parks Canada website.

Radium Hot Springs

By the time we arrived at Canada’s biggest hot springs pool in Radium, the sun had gone down and it was getting dark outside.

There were actually 2 pools at Radium Hot Springs; an upper level with a regular swimming pool and a lower level with the pool being fed by the hot springs from across the street. There were still people swimming in both pools even though it was late in the evening.

I went to the upper level to take some photos while Toni went to the lower level to dip in the pool fed by the hot springs. There was a large convenience store on the upper level where people could buy food as well as tables where they could sit down to eat or relax. I went down to the street level where the hot springs was feeding the hot pool. I attempted to take some photos but it was getting too dark. After Toni came out of the hot springs fed pool, we talked about returning to the Radium Hot Springs pool the morning of our departure.

The next day, we returned to this same spot where I took photos the night before then we left. As we embarked on the return journey to Calgary, a deer was grazing by the roadside near the exit so Toni stopped the car. I walked across the street to where the deer was standing and took one last photo then returned to the car. Honestly, I was sad to leave. As we drove away, I looked back and read the same sign the day we arrived at the Village of Radium Hot Springs: THE MOUNTAINS SHALL BRING PEACE TO THE PEOPLE.

Inspirational Quote:
“Nature has been for me, for as long as I remember a source of solace, inspiration, adventure, and delight; a home, a teacher, a companion.” Lorraine Anderson

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