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Outdoor Kids Game Ideas for the Campsite

By July 31, 2020March 19th, 2021No Comments

Outdoor Kids Game Ideas for the Campground

The Great Outdoors.

It really is great just to be outdoors, but sometimes it’s also nice to have a few games to play, especially for the kids. There are so many great games that can be played; from older classics like hide and seek, to more modern ones using special equipment like laser tag. Sometimes half the fun is just making up the game, or taking ideas from a few and weaving them together to work in the surroundings you’re camping in.

We just wanted to share a few ideas that can be used to help inspire some fun activities while enjoying the outdoors at the campground. Each idea and sample below can be clicked on to download should you want to print it out, or save on your device.

1) Nature Scavenger Hunt

A Scavenger Hunt is a classic. And if the kids enjoy it, it can be played over and over, especially outdoors in nature by just surveying the surroundings and changing up the targets. Here is a sample to get the game started using stuff that can be found in Nature, and a point system to track if you want to break up into teams.

2) Obstacle Course

Making an Obstacle course in the Great Outdoors is a great way to have fun and keep the kids busy. Get creative by using the landscape, branches, stones and anything else you can find laying around the perimeter. Here is an example of making use of some of the things that may be around your site:

3) Treasure Hunt<

Ok, this one could be played in so many ways. First and foremost, make sure if the kids are given something to use as “Treasure” that it isn’t something that would be devastating to go missing. It can happen. So let’s keep it fun! A map could be drawn like the sample below, and/or hints and vocal cues could be used such as: getting warm, warmer, now getting cold.. etc. I think most of us have played some version of this game in our youth.


Remember it’s just about having some fun, so take any of the ideas above (again, feel free to download or save the pictures) or combine the ideas with other ones and enjoy the Outdoors and the precious time with Family.

“Just Have Fun !”