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Our TOP TEN COOLEST New RV Parts & Accessories for 2019 !

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Our Top Ten Coolest  New Parts & Accessories:

When it comes to RV Parts & Accessories, let’s face it; there’s some pretty boring stuff, there’s some stuff you kind of want, there’s the stuff you probably need, and then there’s lots of other stuff that’s just cool to have.

I took a walk through our Parts Store today with Brooke, (Our resident Product Enhancement Specialist) and asked him to show me a few of the “Newest” Parts & Accessories we carry, that are getting the most attention from recent visitors to the Dealership. (What I actually said was “show me some of the cool new gadgets that our customers like.”)

So here they are; along with a shortened description from each Manufacture:

The Top Ten RV Parts & Accessories (& Gadgets) on our shelves today:

    1)    True Utility Fixr

The FIXR provides you with a remarkable array of essential tools; including screwdrivers and wrenches, a pry bar, file, bottle opener, and even a hidden cutter and wire stripper.

Whatever the job that needs to be done, every tool you could hope for is packed into this infinitely useful multi tool. This tool contains so many different gadgets that you won’t be able to believe that it fits into the palm of your hand, this revolutionary bit of kit has 20 different features.

    2)    True Utility Seven

Equipped with a quick release carabiner clip means Seven can attach to your keyring, bag or person for ease of access. Perfect for everyday task such as tightening screws or opening boxes. Features of the tool include: Ergonomic handle; Built in carabiner; Non locking knife; Non locking saw; Pliers; Wire cutters; Phillips screwdriver; and Bottle opener. As with all our products, this multitool is delivered in a water resistant and enduring packaging, which you can also store your valuables in.

    3)    Anderson Jack Block


Using the Trailer Jack block under your jack(s) means your jack doesn’t need to extend down as far, saving on wear and tear over time. And because the jack doesn’t need to extend fully, there’s less stress on it from movement – it’s a win-win for RVs and Trailers

With our new version you have built-in magnets so you can simply attach each Trailer Jack Block to the bottom of your stabilizer and hit auto-level – no need to check and adjust each block! Super-fast and super-convenient!

  • Less stress on your RV or Trailer
  • Eliminates nearly all movement and sway in parked RV’s and Trailers
  • Extremely strong and durable

    4)    Fastway Auto Jack Foot

The Fastway FLIP jack foot extends your trailer jack by six inches, and saves you 50 cranks both up and down. (Now they got my attention.. Anyone else tired of cranking that handle?)

The FLIP has two times more contact surface area than other jack feet, providing more stability for your trailer.

The Flip eliminates the need to search for rocks or wood blocks to put under your trailer jack. It is the only jack foot that is completely automatic; the Flip extends down and locks into place when jack is extended, then tucks up under the trailer frame when towing. It easily removes for low clearance situations, and fits virtually every bumper-pull trailer: horse, travel, cargo, RV, ATV, and flat bed.

    5)    Mag Cap       (This one seems like a no-brainer for me)

No more reaching in your bumper to remove your sewer hose! (Cause don’t we all want to touch this hose the LEAST amount possible?)

The Magnetic cap keeps insects out and allows you to easily remove your sewer hose from your bumper. Attaches to standard bayonet fitting. Super-strong magnets provide a secure hold to your bumper.

    6)    Camco Sewer Hose Rinser

The Camco Sewer Hose Rinse Cap allows you to thoroughly rinse your sewer hose before storing. It locks onto a bayonet fitting securely and connects to a garden hose. It can be left in place as a hose cap during storage.

    7)    Nebo Amor 3

The ARMOR 3, is the toughest light, period. Completely waterproof and impact-tested at 66 feet, this incredibly strong light is also unbelievably bright. The ARMOR 3 features a 360 lumen work light and 160 lumen spot light that are both dimmable with programmable power memory. A powerful magnetic tilting base lets you direct light anywhere you need it, and the steel pocket clip allows you to keep this light handy while having your hands free.

    8)    Nebo Flipit 400

(Are you kidding me? A light that looks like a light switch? And just sticks to any wall? I’ll be putting one in my staircase at home too.)

The Flipit400 is a 400 lumen C•O•B LED light that operates like a standard household light switch. You can flip to High Mode for 400 lumens of intense bright light, or flip it halfway for 100 lumens of bright light to extend the battery life. Flipit400 includes hook & loop double-sided tape and 2 magnets for two easy mounting options, as well as a drywall screw hole for permanent.

    9)    Pioneer Campfire Grill

(Ok Busted… This one is NOT New to us. But It has always been my favorite before I saw the light switch above. This is a Classic trifecta: Want / Need / Cool to have)

Its sleek, two piece stake design ( 36″ total length ) allows you to take your Perfect CampfireGrill anywhere for your campfire cookout. An 18″ diameter grill rack is big enough to cook for many campers. The Pioneer has its own carrying bag, big enough to carry cooking utensils and included hot pad and glove. Like all The Perfect CampfireGrills, the patented Pioneer has the trademarked raise edge allowing the chef to position your food over the entire cooking area, right to the edge of the rack, without fear of losing it to the fire.

    10)    Fastaway Universal Coupler

Locking your trailer coupler is the best way to keep your trailer safe. A coupler lock protects your trailer by making it nearly impossible for a thief to hook up your trailer to their vehicle. The most secure and universal trailer coupler lock available, the Fastway Fortress will keep your trailer secure, providing you with peace of mind. It’s made from the highest quality corrosion resistant material and fits virtually every coupler style. The Fortress coupler lock is perfect for boats, RVs, ATV trailers, travel trailers, enclosed trailers, horse trailers, and virtually every bumper style trailer with a 1-7/8”, 2”, or 2-5/16” coupler.


Well that last one maybe wasn’t as cool  as the rest. But it’s still an important accessory, and something that many people are adding to their RV to help protect it from theft. I’d want one on my RV.

Hopefully you enjoyed a quick preview of the Coolest New RV Parts & Accessories I saw walking through our store today. “To Each Their Own ” of course, and luckily there are hundreds of parts in there, and literally thousands available to order in. So If you have any questions about these or any other RV Parts / Accessories / or Gadgets, (that you either want or need) please feel free to contact Brooke, Ian or anyone else on our Parts Department Team for assistance or a quote.

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