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Looking For Luxury? Why is the 2019 Premier 22RBPR Gaining So Much Attention?

By March 14, 2019March 22nd, 2021No Comments

Are you Looking for Luxury in an RV Trailer?

In the crowded field of Ultra-Lite Trailers the 2019 Keystone Premier 22RBPR has created its own segment. Why is it gaining so much attention, and what makes it stand out from the rest?

There is all kinds of information and fancy brochures from the Manufacture available, but since the feedback in our own showroom has been so great, I decided to walk through it myself to see what all the Buzzz was about.

(Please note the pictures below were taken with my cell phone today. I recognize I have a little work to do on my photography skills..)

The first thing I noticed when approaching the 22RBPR was the “Morryde” fold out steps leading inside. This is a great choice on Keystones part; not only for the look, but they provide better stability than the traditional pull out type.

When I walked inside it was the Solid Surface Counter-top in the kitchen area that grabbed my attention. I also saw what looked like a larger Double Door Fridge than I’m used to seeing in an RV this size. (After inquiring, I learned this Premier has an 8 cubic ft. Fridge, where most trailers have a 6 cubic ft. one. Bonus.)

On the right side you can see the popular U-Shaped Dinette, with a removable table for multi-purpose use. There is a pantry in the wall behind the slide as well. ( you’ll see the cabinet door for that better in the next picture. ) The door at the back of the picture leads to the bathroom with a large Radius Shower.

What really started to strike me was the styling in this RV, and I’ve walked through a lot of trailers over the years. There is also something that is referred to often as the “Fit & Finish” of an RV, and this one nails it. The cabinetry doors are all solid wood with hidden hinges. This gives the Premier 22RBPR a more residential feeling when you’re inside it.

I turned around to take this next picture so you could see the cabinetry better:

What you can also see looking back is the Flatscreen TV and Double Entry to the Bedroom with a Queen Size bed.

Before I went back outside I took another look around and was quickly impressed with the storage space built in. There are pull out drawers on ball bearing guides under the dinette benches as well.

One really neat new feature I saw when I got back outside was in the front storage compartment. Keystone lined the pass-through storage with pegboard, so you can use hook straps and store your camping/fishing/whatever gear here.  (This is an organizer’s dream addition. Someone at Keystone must have been watching those Marie Kondo shows..)

The other pictures I took really  didn’t do this Luxury Trailer any justice, (I’ll work on my photography for next time) but I’ll give you a link to some more pictures in a second. Then, from the front you’ll be able to see this unit has a painted and molded front cap that is aerodynamically designed for better fuel economy while towing. Also mounted at the front are the controls for an electric 5 point stabilization system.

The options list goes on and on… (Outside Kitchen, BBQ & Rack, Heated Enclosed Underbelly) and the thought put into this Premier Line-up from Keystone is really quite impressive. I could go on and on as well, but let’s be honest; without some more (and better) pictures, it’s just time to have a closer look for yourself and see if it’s the right one for you.

If you’re able to come by the store and see it in person, please do! We are currently open seven days a week, and here in the evenings Monday-Thursday as well.

Until then, you can find more pictures and information Here

If you have any questions about this unit, or anything else in the Keystone line-up please don’t hesitate to contact anyone on our Team. You can give us a call, send an email, or even live chat from our website.