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Camping Alberta in the Fall

Camping Alberta in the Fall


Well school is back in session, a tell-tale sign that the camping season has come to a close. Or has it? For those willing to brave a few chilly mornings with a hot beverage in hand, here are few suggestions on excellent excursions to help wean you off camping until next season.

Sticking close to Calgary we have the world famous Banff National Park. A quick look at Parks Canada will tell you they have options ranging from being open up to early October, to year round camping at ‘Lake Louise Trailer Campground’. You can find a list of Camp sites in the Banff area by clicking the image below.

Banff Lake Minnewanka


Next on the list still close to Calgary is the expansive area known as ‘Kananaskis Country’. The area, said to be named after a Cree warrior, is certainly a sight to behold.  Once again you’ll find that campsites that are available into October and in some cases year round. More information about camping in Kananaskis Country can be found by clicking the image below.

Kananaskis lower + upper lake


Finally for an incredible experience just west of Edmonton, there is Jasper National Park. Being the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies has its benefits as it sports everything from the glaciers of the Columbia Icefield, to waterfalls, and even hot springs. While some sites are only open until late September/early October, the most adventurous of campers are permitted to camp at the Wilcox Pass Trailhead during winter. Note* that this is an unmaintained site during the winter with no services offered. The park also advises winter campers to come prepared with shovels. More information about camping in Jasper National Park can be found by clicking the image below

Jasper -Medicine lake

However it is you choose to round out your season, we at Guarantee RV wish you the best and as always, Happy Camping!