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A Pre-Season RV Maintenance Checklist – Before You Hit The Road

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A Pre-Season RV Maintenance Checklist: What to do before hitting the road.

“The snow will be gone soon… I don’t know when… I just know soon…”

– Said someone not famous.

This means many of us have already started planning or are starting to plan that first trip out for the Season. These are exciting times!

But have you also planned your RV Maintenance Check ?

Safety should ALWAYS come first. And a Pre-Season Maintenance check can help you get a little peace of mind, as well as help to prevent any issues from coming up while parked at the campsite.

So what should I do after picking my RV up from the Storage lot?

That’s a Great Question, and one we want to help answer for you. Although there may be a few different things depending on the type of RV, we wanted to give you at least a guideline of the most common things to check below.

If you’re bringing your RV home from the storage lot, make sure to park it on a level surface. (Level both front to back, and side to side) AND don’t forget to install your fully charged batteries prior to towing the RV home.

  • Open all the Exterior doors, as well as Interior cabinets and inspect for rodent intrusions and any sign of water damage.
  • Inspect all Exterior roof seals as well as the Exterior windows, mouldings and compartment door seals.
  • Inspect all the Roof Vents and Skylights for cracking and holes.
  • Put fresh batteries into all detectors and test them for proper operation. *Make sure to check the expiration date on your detectors, and replace as needed*
  • Clean and Lube all Slide mechanisms and running gear with proper dry lubricants.
  • Clean and Condition all Slide Seals with proper seal conditioner.
  • Inspect all tires for signs of dry rot and cracking, and then adjust the tire pressure to the manufactures specs. Don’t’ forget to torque the wheels to spec as well.
  • Wheel Bearing Repack and Brake Service Inspection. *New towable units should have this done after the first year, and then every 2yrs or 20,000kms.*
  • De-winterize and test plumbing system for leaks and concerns. ( Weather Permitting )
  • Fill and connect Propane Tanks. Then test all appliances, on all functions. * We recommend having a Dealership do a Gas-Test of your propane system annually for Leaks & Safety *
  • Test all Exterior and Interior Lights as well as the 12 and 120 Volt Circuits, including the Break-Away Switch.
  • And hopefully the Sun allows for this one, but open the awning and let it dry out if wet. This is also a good time to give it a wash with soapy water.

Hopefully this checklist helps get you ready for the road and enjoying the Season right from the start. If you have any questions about these suggestions or any other maintenance concerns, please give our Service Department a call. We’re here to help.

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