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2013 GATEWAY 3200RS

The Gateway GW3200RS model is one of the luxury Fifth Wheels manufactured by Heartland, a subsidiary of THOR Industries. Gateway has been designed as a high end luxury RV with exquisite chestnut wood cabinet doors, double top stitched Venice décor furniture, residential solid surface countertops in an ergonomically designed kitchen. Gateway was designed to be visually appealing while offering maximum value for customers.

“This is the first year out for the Gateway,” explains Darren Warren, Assistant Sales Manager at Guarantee RV. Customers will be happy with the features offered in the Gateway GW3200RS so this is why Guarantee RV is making the unit available to their customers. “Heartland has put a ton of research into this product and built the Gateway GW3200RS with the customers’ wants and needs in mind. We think that this is going to be a great seller.”

Darren explains that one of the improved practical designs in this unit is the new towing feature, making it one of the top towing performance units on the market today. “It allows you an 88 degree turn radius with a short box truck. This will save you the worry of damaging your truck as you are making that tight turn.”

The Gateway GW3200RS offers more innovative high end features and storage than any other Fifth Wheel in its class. Heartland’s laminated floor system is one of the most durable in the industry. It is comprised of 2.5″ aluminum framing, thick block foam insulation, one-piece seamless decking, and a Thermo-Board Luan. This lamination gives maximum strength and R Value which essentially eliminates floor flex. For example, when tested, the laminated floor construction easily supported over 1,800 lbs of water jugs in one spot, resulting in less than ¼” of flex.

Another great feature is the laminated wall system which is comprised of 2″ thick sidewalls enabling double welded fully laminated sidewall construction. This Fifth Wheel also comes with the Alps Insulation Package which includes a layer of R38 Radiant Technology insulation inside the front and rear walls which benefits the stable temperature in the RV by reducing heat loss through the ends of the coach. The Radiant Technology cap insulation also insulates from outside heat when you want to keep cool in the Fifth Wheel during a hot summer day.

For your convenience, the holding tank heating pads are installed on fresh, gray and black tanks that can all be turned on with a single switch.

Gateway has three specific packages customers can choose: Enter The Gateway; Gateway To Comfort Package: Gateway To Residential. Options include a Correct Track Align System, winterization of the unit, and an RVIA seal. Check out the details of these three packages at this link.

Download the Gateway GW3200RS brochure here.

View the Gateway GW3200RS Virtual Tour.

Link to features can be accessed here.



Gateway 3200RS floorplan

Gateway 3200RS Specs Table

  • guaranteervblogger

    Dawn…I will forward your message to the BDC (Business Development Centre) and they will answer your question k?

  • Dawn Bryant

    Wondering if the Gateway 3200RS has a hydraulic leveling system or is there plans for that in the 2015/2016 models coming out? This model is perfect for our plans to travel and live in it, but we need the hydraulic leveling system to even be an option.