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The Avenger 28BHS by Prime Time RV is an economical choice for the first time buyer and the seasoned RV veteran. Assistant Manager Darren Warren at Guarantee RV in Calgary, Alberta agrees. “The Avenger has a great interior and has a price point that is attractive for the first time buyer.” The Avenger combines comfort, convenience, and style with a high standard of quality and construction produced by Prime Time RV manufacturer.

The 2013 Avenger 28BHS has a beautiful interior made with real Native American Cherry hardwood cabinet doors coupled with premium fabrics, beautiful flooring, and countertops that create a luxurious appearance at an affordable price.

The Avenger is such a good value for the money because as Darren explains, “It’s still built with Prime Time techniques which are higher standards than a lot of the competition. Therefore, the Prime Time line gives you good value for the dollar.” Some “Best In Class” features and design elements were included. Demanding test standards and innovative construction techniques such as EVERLAST were applied during the design and manufacturing phases to ensure a long-term quality, durable product for maximum customer enjoyment.

For the Avenger 28BHS Standards and Options for both Interior and Exterior, click here.
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You can download the Avenger brochure here or view the 360 degree Virtual Tour.