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All hail the golf cart!

By July 7, 2021No Comments

This is my first gig working in the RV industry.  Previously, I’ve worked in the oil industry and more recently, the airline industry.  I don’t have the experience of having worked for different RV dealerships, to learn different ways of doing things nor do I have a whopping 30+ years of experience in the industry, like our Sales Manager, Charlie Cuffley.  So there are assumptions I make on how we do things because I figure it’s industry standard and I have nothing to compare to.  However, it was on a recent phone call with a potential customer that I got to thinking about how we do things around here.


The customer called in and we were chatting about a few units that we have on our lot.  He was asking if he could make an appointment, and have one of our sales team show him some of the units.  I told him that would not be an issue and whatever he needed, we would help.  I also mentioned that our lot is available to walk around at his leisure – go into the units he wants – have a peek – discuss privately with whoever he’s with the pros and cons of the unit he looking at, and when he’s ready, a sales person will be available to answer any questions he may have.  I also mentioned that we have golf carts on site, that he can take around if walking our expansive lot, gives him issues.  His mind seemed blown with the freedom we give our customers to wander and . . . did I mention the golf carts?!


For most people, walking our lot presents no issues at all.  However, for some who can’t walk distances –  the accessibility of the golf cart is a game changer.


Our lots are set up quite simply:  The campground has all our Class A, B & C motorhomes, and our luxury and large 5th wheels.  The main lot, has rows and rows of all the travel trailers that are available for purchase.


We have a playground out here that if you bring the kids with you, they can play while you browse.  Rest assured, we have plenty of room so you can physically distance and view units at your leisure.  The peacefulness out here is intoxicating.  Today is a beautiful day – bright blue skies, sunshine and a gentle breeze.  When I go out and walk the lot, I take in the peace and quiet which is occasionally interrupted by a bird chirping or rabbit hopping by.  We have a ‘no pressure’ sales team to answer any questions and assist you with your buying decision.  And let’s be honest, isn’t this what all your buying experiences should be like?